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Summer With Monika
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Summer With Monika

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Stockholm is so beautiful. It was then and it is now. Also, I love the part where they mention getting a green carnation. In that brief moment, the film exploded with colors!

Anonymous picture

Harry should have slapped her harder

Anonymous picture

This may spoil the sequence of the movie a bit in case you want it to remain a complete mystery...

Monika is someone you feel sorry for at first and then later on she becomes irritating to the point where you think she deserves a smack. Harry had a fun adventure with her and had to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I found this Bergman microcosm engrossing and compelling. He creates an intimate view of working-class life in the 50's and the struggles of youth. Faces are prominent and revealing throughout and he includes long still-worthy shots of the ocean. Stellar.

Anonymous picture

Monika's extreme close-up: As the lighting changes, her eyes go black as pitch. Her soul is gone, or at least temporarily lost.
Even at this early age, there was no denying that Harriet Andersson was a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous picture

I love how daring this was for the 50s. I interpret Monika's staring-contest-with-the-camera moment as an act of rebellion, against the times and against filmmaking conventions up to that point. Don't mess with Monika!