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Anonymous picture

It says so much without words. Just like Charlie ChaplinTati is a careful observer of details and human nature.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

IT'S SO FR*CKING GOOD. I love it. When I see this movie, I'm just thinking. YES. BUster.

Anonymous picture

Tai's film Playtime is a wonderful and innovative way of telling a narrative comedy without really the use of dialog at all. Also watching the beautiful art direction, cinematography, sound, acting, etc., I can see where the studio that was financing this movie almost went bankrupt. Still, ...Read more

Chase avatar

Tati playfully satirizes the mediated and constructed nature of Modern life with a visual extravaganza of man-made isolation. However,'Playtime' has aged strangely, as the society it lambasts slowly fades from existence. With the industrialized Western world increasingly replaced with a ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I found it quite relevant, and to say it has aged... well... I argue that only the style has aged, as modern has become contemporary. The posters in the travel company's office remind me of Frank Gehry, or any other fashionable living architect, where cities pride themselves in having iconic ...Read more

Anonymous picture

waste of a credit

Anonymous picture

What does that mean?

Anonymous picture

What do you think it means other than I wasted a credit to watch this film

Jack avatar

What, no subtext? Some of us like subtext even though we don't know what it is.

Anonymous picture

amazing !

Anonymous picture

Few films bear repeated viewings as well as this one. Each frame is packed with delightful details.

Anonymous picture

the humor is so simple yet so well thought out and placed, lovely to watch

Anonymous picture

One of my absolute favorite films. So much thought went into every aspect of this movie, and from a purely visual point of view, one of the greatest achievements in film history. I've yet to met a single person, from film fanatic to casual observer, that didn't give Playtime a big thumbs up. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This film should really be seen on the big screen, but see it anyway you can. See all of Tati's films.

Anonymous picture

My TV is huge

Anonymous picture

A delightful cinematic masterpiece!

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Anna avatar

A wild circus ride! Such attention to detail from sound, to color, to choreography -- Jacques Tati is truly a master of his craft.