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Love & Friendship
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Love & Friendship

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Comments (5)

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Nusrat Shabnam

So funny!

Anonymous picture

Wonderful screenplay and detail. Great acting and dialogue. it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but well worth seeing.

Huggie Bear avatar
Huggie Bear

Love & Friendship is a lively change of pace from Austen's other more famous works. Here her humor is showcased - poking fun of British society, Americans, singleton life, gender roles, marriage and social class. This was not unlike experiencing a play unfold on stage...a delight to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Seems interesting to watch this movie

paulette avatar

this was an amazing film and only Whit Stillman could make such literary Austeninsm I so want to reread all of Jane Austen's book. What I liked no dare I say love is a quick wit and Political jabs that were so true back then and so true now.