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The Great Dictator
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The Great Dictator

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

The greatest film to combine political satire/drama and absurdist comedy ever made. I hadn't seen the full movie in ages so I forgot just how hilarious it is, especially Chaplin's dialogue-free set pieces and his Mussolini stand-in, Benzino Napoloni. And if you aren't moved by that ending ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Too soon.

Anonymous picture

Charlie Chaplin was a gift to this Earth!

Anonymous picture

I honestly didn't find this that funny, but then again, I'm not a huge fan of slapstick. As a satirical work the film suffers a bit from having been ripped straight from the headlines of 1939 - 1940. In other words, made without knowing the entire horrific picture of what was happening in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

His speech at the end of this movie should be one that all leaders of the world are repeating.

Dennis avatar

Charlie Chaplin was a Genius. No one is even near his artistic intelect.

Tom avatar

So good... I can't stop laughing