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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

People traveled with a lot less baggage and no cellphone go figure

Anonymous picture

Third time watching this compelling movie. Thought the characters were well cast. Cinematography beautiful.

Joe avatar

Saoirse Ronan is great in everything she's in.

Minami  avatar

My main objective of watching this film was to find out how Eilis's name was pronounced (it's all I could think of while I was reading the book), but once I starting watching I couldn't stop. Such a beautiful story, and Saoirse Ronan is a gem!

Anonymous picture

very romantic and tender...

Anonymous picture

Cinematography is wonderful, the story is delightful. This could be a film to watch again.

Pier avatar

A very smart and tender film with Miss Ronan giving an Oscar Nominated Performance as an Irish lass recently arrived in America. The tale reads so true onscreen especially for one born outside of a North American milieu! The love story is beautifully developed. Recommended! A Must See!

Anonymous picture

A (beautiful) love story, through and through!