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Speaking Truth to Power

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So inspiring, and so timely...Kavanagh hearings going on right now.

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how dare Clarence Thomas try to claim racial discrimination when the woman he harassed was also black. and he's still a justice 27 years later! disgusting. so inspired by Anita's pose, attitude, and sophistication through such a trying ordeal.

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What a great woman who open doors for many of us.

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Touching, Inspiring - the very essence of strength.

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This film was really great. Opened my eyes to a lot I didn't know before.

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Very moving. Very empowering. Makes you want to find and use your voice for social justice.

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Great film. I thought she was brave at the time. She was smarter than the white men sitting in judgement of her. They lacked what she had -- honesty, dignity and courage.

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Very good film. Informative. She had nothing to gain for herself really. Plenty to lose, but she still stood up and fought for other women. Brave, smart. Classy.

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Women are still fighting sexual harassment, but today I hope that those men would ask the right questions now. I am so glad that she is still encouraging others. What a brave, smart, and dignified woman . Thank you Anita.

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I'm very glad Dr. Anita Hill didn't keep silent,

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It's clear this brave woman and her story has helped to inspire a social movement around sexual harassment. #MeToo.

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It should be available more places for all to watch!

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Not long ago the concept of "Sexual Harassment" was virtually unknown. ANITA reveals how this changed, and how one woman - testifying before an mostly male U.S. Senate committee including so-called progressives like Joseph Biden - gave cover to millions of other women, and men, allowing them ...Read more