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The 400 Blows
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The 400 Blows
Les quatre cents coups

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Not the ending that I wanted or expected. The emotional connect with the main character is personal and he makes this film more lovable.

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Truffaut put his highly inventive palette in excellent use, creating an unforgettable film. It can't be overstated how memorable the shots of this film are.

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Doinel was cast so well in this film that it's easy to forget it's fiction, although it is autobiographical in nature - reflecting Truffaut's childhood. Aside from it's historical significance - arguably marking the beginning of the French New Wave - I have heard so many people describe this ...Read more

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Lots of classic nouvelle vague concepts and camera work in this movie. This is the first of multiple films Truffaut made with his autobiographical character Antoine Doinel

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Très autobiographique chez Truffaut. suggested rating is PG-13 (for a few words of mild obscenity, historical smoking, domestic violence, etc. SKIP minute 58:10-58:05 for rear nudity).

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i love kanopy!!!

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j'ai beaucoup aimé! :) bye

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Where is "Antoine and Colette," Truffaut's short film included in the feature "Love at Twenty?" It is on the criterion collection disc of 400 Blows. You need it here. I made this request several times.

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so amazing, thank you kanopy